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Who we are

HobbyPRESS.NET has been online since 23 Dec 2008. HobbyPRESS(TM) is the trademark we use to market our hobby publications. AirsoftPRESS, RCPRESS, Gameengines.Net and ToysREVIEW.NET are the divisions of HobbyPRESS.NET.


Our business model

HobbyPRESS specializes in the development of books for hobbylists. With books published on a Print-On-Demand basis, we are able to serve a wide variety of market segments with improved quality and speed-to-market while minimizing costs and risks.


Copyright & trademarks

All HobbyPRESS published contents are fully copyrighted.  None of the HobbyPRESS published contents are in public domain unless otherwise specified in writing.

HobbyPRESS products are distributed through multiple channels, including Createspace, Amazon, Lulu, iBookstore …etc.




You can download our APP via this link: http://hobbypress.net/wp/?p=418


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