Taekwondo Pumsae style guide: VOLUME ONE

Comprising the current official forms of the KTA, the Kukkiwon and the WTF, the taegeuk Pumsae is an authorized and approved system of 8 forms in a series which replaced the Palgwe forms. Under this system, each form is known as a “Jang,” which are numbered from 1st form (Il jang) to 8th form (pal jang).

You may think of the different Pumsae forms as prearranged movements expected to be memorized for solo practice, body conditioning, mind body coordination, and exam preparation – Taekwondo students need to practice these forms in order to promote from one grade to the next:

taegeuk il jang (1st form)
taegeuk yi jang (2nd form)
taegeuk sam jang (3rd form)
taegeuk sa jang (4th form)
taegeuk oh jang (5th form)
taegeuk yuk jang (6th form)
taegeuk chil jang (7th form)
taegeuk pal jang (8th form)

This guide serves as a straight forward style guide to the practice of basic moves, punches, blocks, kicks and the first Pumsae form. Movements and styles are demonstrated by Master C T Law who has been highly successful in his career as a TKD coach and athlete in Hong Kong.

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