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Apr 12


A number of third party musics and sounds (from Opengameart) have been used in our apps, including (and not limited to): Red Curtain, by HorrorPen Mushroom Dance, by Bart 8Bit Attempt, by Scribe Flutenist Dance, by Flofflewoffle Flooferwoofer Happy Tune, by syncopika Bossa Nova, by Joth Dance Music 1, by dogchicken Carnival Rides, by Écrivain …

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Apr 12


Nov 29

HobbyPRESS book apps

eBooks are digital books that tend to be read in a linear fashion and can include limited interaction. Book Apps are software programs coded to run like a book and at the same time providing much more interaction than eBooks. We are planning to develop further on both.    

Nov 16

HobbyPRESS APP version

If you are browsing our site via a mobile phone, you will be served with the progressive web app version of our site. This is entirely automatic.