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Nov 16

HobbyPRESS APP version

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Mar 20

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Mar 21

Kickboxing fashion items

Mar 21

TKD fashion items


Apr 06

Practical Compact Car Maintenance: Preventive Maintenance Tips & Techniques

Practical Compact Car Maintenance: Preventive Maintenance Tips & Techniques This guide serves as a straight forward easy-read guide to compact car maintenance. The focus of this book is more on preventative maintenance even though troubleshooting methods are provided as well. The goal is to give you the right direction – we do not want you …

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Apr 18

Airsoft AirsoftPRESS is the premier information source for airsoft technologies. It has the goal of putting all different kinds of airsoft technologies on the global map by publishing books that bring to light the knowledge of airsoft technology innovators.    

Apr 18

RC Modelling The sheer amount of brands and designs of RC models in the market often introduce tremendous confusion to beginners who are new to the hobby. There are many techniques and technologies involved in serious RC hobby-ing, and you are likely to have a lot of questions on them. Let’s face it, hobby quality RC …

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Apr 18

Game Creation

www.GameENGINES.NET  GameENGINES.NET is your premium information source for digital entertainment and game creation. Our books are distributed in printed format through Createspace, Amazon and Lulu.  

Mar 10

Practical Taekwondo Turning Kick 2015 Edition

Practical Taekwondo Turning Kick 2015 Edition: Covering various TKD turning kick techniques ISBN-13: 978-1461187028 ISBN-10: 1461187028 BISAC: Sports & Recreation / Martial Arts & Self-Defense This book covers the most popular forms of TKD turning kicks. We teach you step by step how TKD turning kicks can be thrown effectively and accurately. Actions and styles …

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Oct 14

Practical Gundam Modeling for beginners 2013 Edition

Practical Gundam Modeling for beginners 2013 Edition Gundam is a metaseries of Japanese anime, created by Sunrise studios which got started in 1979 as a serial TV show called Mobile Suit Gundam. That first TV series has since spawned a franchise that has come to include models and toys in the world marketplace. Bandai is …

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